Spring is coming! And while winter in Florida may not be as harsh as it is up north, we still have seasonal clothing that we need to pack up and spring and summer outfits to break out. Ideally, we’d all have unlimited closet space. However, many of us find ourselves wondering how to fit all our clothing in the space we have. You can use a self-storage unit to keep the outfits that you won’t be wearing until the weather cools off again. Just be sure to follow these five tips to make sure your clothing is in the same condition when you pick it up!


Not only might soiled clothing attract insects, but a stain on a piece of clothing in self-storage could become more noticeable and impossible to get it out later. People often will think a garment is clean when they put it in storage, but when take it out, they wonder where that ugly stain came from.

  1. Temperature CONTROL IS BEST

Extreme Florida temperatures can damage some fabrics and expensive articles of clothing like leather and fur. If you’re going to be keeping your clothing in a self-storage unit for a lengthy period of time, make sure it’s Temperature-controlled so your items won’t be subject to harsh weather conditions.


Plastic storage containers made of polypropylene are your best bet for packing clothes. You could also use wardrobe boxes for hanging items, such as furs. Before packing your clothing, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper and place heavier items on the bottom. NEVER leave clothing in plastic bags, such as those you get at the dry cleaner. If you do, you risk yellowing and/or moisture damage.


Insects could potentially take up residence in your boxes. Discount Mini Storage has monthly pest control to prevent this from happening. We do not recommend using mothballs, because they kill rather than repel clothing moths. While you might not think that’s a big deal, dead moths could attract other insects and critters. Another recommendation would be to pack all-natural cedar with your clothes to repel any pests, particularly moths and carpet beetles. Herbal repellents, such as lavender, also can keep bugs away.


If you use a self-storage unit to house seasonal clothes such as your winter clothes during the summer, make sure you label the boxes accordingly so you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for. Other ways you could label clothing are based on the size or the owner. For example, you might pack your spouse’s clothing in one box and your children’s clothing in other boxes.

Since some articles of clothing will go out of style or no longer fit over time, it’s a good idea to consider donating some items. Rather than pack away something you don’t need, it’s worth your time to sort and make decisions before you store.