A clutter free home is beneficial to your health for many reasons – it makes you feel calmer, quickens up your morning routine, and can even make you sleep better.

That’s right, a new study showed that people who went to sleep in rooms that were full of junk were much more likely to have sleeping problems. These problems ranged from trouble falling asleep at all to experiencing disturbance during rest.

The participants also reported being tired the next day.

Your messy house could literally be making you tired and stressed. It’s time that you got yourself a storage unit.

Still not convinced? See these reasons you need extra space to apply to your life.

Reasons You Need a Storage Unit

Not having enough space for storage makes you unable to sleep. Being unable to sleep can lead to depression and stress. Not having a storage unit is making your life worse.

Decluttering your life can also help to declutter your mind. You’ll feel your relaxation levels start to rise, your friends notice how organized you’ve become, and your quality of life begins to improve.

Your Closets are Full

If your closet looks like a game of Tetris, you need a storage unit.

Closets, of course, are made for storage, but if your closet is becoming so stacked full of stuff you always want to shut the door and pretend it’s not there, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.

You could get rid of some of the items taking up space in your closet, but sometimes that’s not an option. You might be too sentimentally attached to your things to part with them, or they could be things you actually need. It’s often frustrating to try to reach the things that you need to use when you’re digging around a bunch of extra items getting in your way.

The solution to this dilemma is to get an alternate place for storage, so your closet looks clean and tidy and you have all the items you can’t get rid of stored conveniently in your unit.

You Can’t Use Your Two Car Garage

Over time, you may have started using your garage as storage. It seems like a perfectly normal solution until it becomes so full of stuff that you can no longer park either of your cars inside the garage.

This is a problem because storing your vehicle in the garage is an important part of keeping care of your car. It helps to preserve both the interior and exterior of the vehicle when it’s not constantly kept outside to endure the elements, no matter how temperate the environment you live in.

When you get a storage unit, you’ll be able to drive not only one, but two cars right into the garage. If you’ve since forgotten, that’s a great feeling.

You Never Know Where Anything Is

If you’re always on the hunt for something you never seem to find, it’s probably because your house is full of clutter.

This is especially true if when you’re looking for that item in question, you find a bunch of other things you completely forgot that you owned. Get rid of those forgotten but necessary things by putting them in storage so you can find those things that you really do need with ease.

Another sign is that you’re always tripping over things. Junk that’s lying around in the house is a sure way to tell that your house is overcrowded and you need to find some extra space.

If boxes have started to take over your living areas, your house is prime for needing a storage unit. Life isn’t meant to be lived with all your stuff overflowing in your home.

There’s a Room in Your House Only Used for Storage

You know what room we’re talking about.

Some people have a kitchen drawer like this, where you put all the knick-knacks and doo-dads you don’t know what to do with all in one place.

But if your knick-knacks and doo-dads have warped into their very own room, you absolutely need to get yourself some extra space. That empty bedroom is going to waste holding all of your things when you could be using it to entertain guests or even rent out and make some extra cash.

By clearing out your room space, you could help with your own peace of mind and even make some money on the side.

Perhaps you’ve even been dreaming about having a home office, but don’t have space because your stuff is taking over your life. Put that stuff in storage and finally make room for a place to work from home.

You Have Essential Large Items You Don’t Use Everyday

The quintessential item we’re describing here: your treadmill.

Perhaps you have a large ticket item like this that you made an investment in and don’t want to part with. Maybe it’s excess furniture that you’ll use later, but don’t have the room for right now where you’re currently living.

Especially if you’re a collector who has no space presently for whatever items you’re making a collection of, getting yourself a storage unit is a perfect solution.

A storage unit will keep these investments or sentimental items safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about them getting harmed. You can also rest easier once your house is free of all the space that they take up.

Time to Get Organized

If any of these things applied to you, it’s time to get a storage unit. If you don’t know where to start, Discount Mini Storage has all the tips and tricks you need.

They show you all the steps, including how to move into your unit and how to reserve the perfect unit for you. You’ll be sold on why mini storage is the only type of storage you’ll need again.

Get ready to breathe easy once all your clutter is cleared from your home. Getting a storage unit will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.